Naver Vlive lives-tream BTS concert at Wembley … more than 140K army watch together

More than 140K viewers of BTS concert at Wembley on VLIVE

BTS‘s first concert at Wembley Stadium was livestream through Vlive. The number of livestream viewers is recorded over 140k people (more than 140k purchase accounts).

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1.[+1461, -65] Real BTS is better than most diplomats! They’re doing things that the president and politicians can’t do.

2. [+1068, -20] If there are more than 120,000 people in the concert hall and 140,000 people watching at home on V LIVE, almost 280,000 people were watching the Wembley performance. That’s amazing, BTS.

3. [+936, -13] Naver, are you investing in YG and making money from BTS?

4. [+347, -6] BTS, let’s go

5. [+105, -3] Naver is really great. Even though the world is in turmoil because of BTS, there is no BTS in celebrity-sports Topic. The world is also chewing Naver

6. [+95, -6] Do you have a conscience when you make money from BTS and all the YG articles are up and down?

7. [+89, -19] A vote to exempt military service for national pride.

8. [+60, -1] I heard that Naver earned more than 4.6 billion won yesterday. They make money from BTS. That’s ironic.

9. [+57, -1] Look at Naver. They never helped BTS, but they were making money from BTS. It’s amazing.

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