BTS has been nominated for 5 awards at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards … Best Group – Best Collaboration and more

MTV Video Music Awards discriminate against BTS?

Best Group
Best K-Pop
Best Collaboration
Best Choreography
Best Art Direction

Awards will be held on August 26 at the Prudential Center

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1. [+373, -0] BTS is waiting for good news. J-Hope, the group’s choreographer. Good luck with your schedule.

2. [+152, -0] Wow~!!! Congratulations on your 5 nominations! BTS

3. [+102, -0] BTS always sets new records even though it’s their vacation time.

4. [+77, -0] I’m so proud of you, BTS. ARMY is so proud of you.

5. [+64, -0] The whole world loves BTS music! The whole world seems to be turning purple. I always cheer for you!! BTS, fighting!!!

6. [+19, -0] BTS has been named in four main categories, but it has not made it to the main categories of Artists of the Year and Song of the Year. The album proved its global popularity by putting its name on the main charts, including No. 1 in “Billboard 200” and No. 8 in “Hot 100”, but these results were not actually reflected in MTV Awards. In contrast, American singers Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift were nominated in 10 categories. Billie Eilish followed with 9 nominations. It could be an argument if BTS is not nominated for the best group

7. [+12, -0] Some singers have low album sales, poor rankings, bad tours, but are nominated for main categories … The artist himself has already topped the Billboard charts three times a year, but was not nominated for main awards. MTV is a racist scammer since Michael Jackson.

8. [+12, -1] They still tie BTS in the K-pop category and collaborate. I want to know which award ceremony of the US treats BTS fairly in the global pop music market …

9. [+5, -0] I still dont like that VMA for not nominating the boys at main categories like artist and MV of the year song of the year ! I will vote because i want BTS to win all those nominations but i will not watch that xenophobic racist award show!!!!

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