‘Music Bank’ side “It would be excessive to deny IZONE who have worked so hard for their new song the opportunity to perform it even once”

"Music Bank" releases statement on IZ*ONE's appearance

On February 14, “Music Bank” aired a preview showing that IZ*ONE would be performing the following week. In response, thousands of viewer petitions were filed with the KBS Viewer Rights’ Center either protesting or approving IZ*ONE’s appearance.

CP Kwon stated, “If it’s a case of causing problems for society or breaking the law, then KBS will regulate who appears on broadcast according to its own process. But IZ*ONE was not included on KBS’s list of people who are banned from broadcast. Because they are not on the ban list, this theoretically means they should at least be considered as part of the potential performer lineup for ‘Music Bank.’ Whether they actually appear depends on factors like their rank on the ‘Music Bank’ charts at the time of their promotions and the response of the domestic and international K-pop fans.”

The producer continued, “Internally, we discussed this issue for a long time. We are well aware of the concerns expressed by people who feel uncomfortable watching IZ*ONE promote. But since there is no proof that the individual IZ*ONE members were connected to the manipulation controversy, we judged it would be excessive to deny people who have worked so hard for their new song the opportunity to perform it even once.” cr

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1. [+252, -68] Why should innocent kids only come out once? Keep them coming out.

2. [+183, -18] Why would you let them appear once when you said they weren’t guilty in the text? I don’t understand.

3. [+165, -10] Was KBS a low-level public broadcaster?

4. [+137, -20] Why should IZ* ONE appear only once? IZ*ONE was not guilty, but… That’s too much.

5. [+116, -13] No, you said they didn’t do anything wrong. But why do they only appear once?

6. [+30, -2] Isn’t it unfair to have them appear only once when there’s no rule that goes against it as mentioned in the text?

7. [+26, -2] The innocent kids appear once and will be banned? Why? Isn’t it against the rules of deliberation?

8. [+21, -1] I want IZ * ONE to continue appearing on Music Bank.

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