Similarities between Taeyeon and Doja Cat pointed out by music critics

Music critic Kim Do Heon said, “There are two different personas in this song, which talks about a comfortable time off from the busy day-to-day. The first persona is Doja Cat. Everything about ‘Weekend’, from the smooth guitar tone, to the rigid disco beat, and the psychedelic vocal tone, demonstrates its intent to resemble Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ and ‘Kiss Me More’. The font design of ‘1990’s Pop Star’ and the pink tone of the MV aim for somewhere in between these two tracks. When Taeyeon goes from the first chorus to doing the rap herself, the shape of her role model becomes even clearer.”

Music critic Jung Min Jae said, “Hmm… for me, it seemed like the song tried to reference Doja Cat in various ways, so I wasn’t pleased with it.”

Music critic Lee Dae Hwa said, “Taeyeon’s new single ‘Weekend’ is like a song that mashed Doja Cat’s ‘Kiss Me More’ and ‘Say So’. It combines the straight retro disco style of ‘Say So’ with the pink/purple MV artwork of ‘Kiss Me More’. The sensual and bleary singing style also resembles Doja Cat exactly.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. As soon as I saw her stage today, I immediately thought of Doja Cat. It’s almost at the level of copying

2. I don’t understand why a singer like Taeyeon did that?

3. It immediately reminds me of Doja Cat

4. Without Doja Cat, Taeyeon wouldn’t have this song

5. It reminds me of Doja Cat as soon as I see it ㅜㅜ Anyway, the song is good

6. She should have put her own style into the song, but it’s a shame that she referenced it too much…

7. In Korea, Taeyeon is the top female solo singer, but what a pity..

8. It feels like SM is getting more and more lazy

9. I usually watch TikTok, but when I listen to her new song, I think it’s similar to the song I’ve been listening to a lot on TikTok.. It’s a Doja Cat’s song

10. Not only the music, but the concept is similar

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