Honestly, which MCs are the best?

Miyeon, Nam Yoon Su

ENHYPEN Sunghoon, Jang Wonyoung

NCT Jungwoo, Stray Kids Lee Know, Kim Minju

NCT Sungchan, Ahn Yujin, Treasure Jihoon

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1. [+398, -28] WooJuHo (NCT Jungwoo, Kim Minju, Stray Kids Lee Know)

2. [+228, -26] NiNiNi, please bring back Ahn Yujin…

3. [+192, -26] Personally, Jang Wonyoung is the best, and overall, the MCs of ‘Music Core’ do the best

4. [+103, -5] I love WooJuHo!

5. [+80, -0] WooJuHo is so cute

6. [+60, -8] I’m curious about the ‘Music Bank’ MCs the most and want to see them