Song Yuvin side “He broke up with Kim So Hee .. Legal action against privacy violations”

Music Works responded to the rumors by stating, “While it’s true that Song Yuvin and Kim So Hee briefly dated a year ago, after checking [with them], we learned that they have already broken up.”

The agency also warned that it would be taking legal action against the invasion of their artists’ privacy.

original post: naver

1. [+1875, -49] That is not the problem. A woman of any age can date or break up. Should not be noisy. Instead, it’s a crime to release personal photos without consent.

2. [+1391, -143] I wish they could have caught the person who leaked it! Obviously, it’s jealous action and too toxic.

3. [+408, -23] Make sure to catch the person who leaked the photo and sue him.

4. [+247, -58] ‘Blurry’ song will be released at 6 o’clock today. Please listen to it. Song Yuvin fighting!

5. [+175, -5] Someone’s done a malicious message with a clear intent, and we can’t go on like this. Be sure to take legal action.

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