‘YG iKON Festivals’ Myongji University Student Association … ‘carelessness’

Myongji University students oppose iKON to attend the festival

A number of Myongji University students responded to YG’s singer invitation to the school festival, and the entire student council said “it is careless”.

On the 14th, Myongji University’s Seoul Campus came with an objection: “The act of inviting a singer from YG, is being investigated for suspected sexual service, prostitution, tax evasion, drugs, the present is still not satisfactory. it is careless.”

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1.[+464, -74] Myongji, good for you

2. [+361, -61] Continuous scandal. I think we should ignore YG during this time.

3. [+260, -42] That increases the image of Myongji

4. [+180, -44] YG is really crazy

5. [+119, -46] The reaction of students from Myongji University is good

6. [+55, -11] When there is line-up, why not protest. Right now, what about today’s event? This is not a polite act for singers who have been prepared since arranging the event and since the contract was signed.

7. [+55, -11] What’s wrong with the iKON?

8. [+55, -10] If you want to boycott YG, you can complain or post a letter when the line-up of the event is posted like a comment on the above. If you do this on the day of the event, you can just pour cold water on the guest who just left it. It’s not polite, really.

9. [+42, -3] I mean, iKON kids are blamed for their companies

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