Nam Tae Hyun write apology letter “Apology to Jang Jae In and the woman, responsible for the damage”

Nam Tae Hyun write apology letter on his Instagram after scandal

Nam Tae Hyun

I apologize to Jang Jae In, who has been hurt by this incident, and other women.

I also want to say that I’m sorry for the disappointment and hurt of fans who love and support me.

I will be responsible for what I have done and the damage caused by my insults. I apologize again.

Nam Tae Hyun write apology letter on his Instagram after scandal

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1.[+2596, -8] You are responsible for dating two women at the same time. You want to let go of both women? crazy

2. [+1592, -14] Why do celebrities think self-written is something great? Just disappear from the media. Don’t think about coming out of the media.

3. [+881, -8] Apology has no sincerity. You cann’t do it. I want you to forever not appear on TV. I want you to never come back to music. You have to pay back as much as you hurt others. Certainly

4. [+631, -12] It seems that physiognomy is real ㅋㅋ

5. [+507, -9] It’s annoying to the general public, But how can you date two women at the same time… …human?

6. [+86, -1] Jang Jae In saved a lot of people, If you leave him alone, he’ll turn into a monster like Jung Joonyoung.

7. [+74, -0] The self-written apology is a great reflection.

8. [+56, -2] Is this an apology he was thinking all day? He doesn’t have any excuses. After all, everything is right. Evidence shows that he is not good enough for both women. If he explains that nothing, the third and fourth victims will appear, so he immediately apologizes.

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