Nam Taehyun, taking medicine + breaks into tears -> instability causes concerns… eventually apologizes “I’m sorry for making you worry”

Nam Taehyun apologizes to fans for concerning Instagram live

In his most recent Instagram post, Nam Taehyun wrote:

“I’m sorry for making you worry for the past few days. I have learned that driving yourself to the edge of a cliff is not the best way to have a conversation with music. Before the spring ends, I will greet you with the best music that I and South Club can make! And I will work in a more healthy way. Instead of suffocating, I will work hard with love and generosity. Thank you to the people who are always loving and cherishing me.” cr

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1. [+4272, -489] What’s wrong with YG kids?

2. [+1889, -63] Something about him is unstable,..

3. [+2136, -558] A sentimental attention seeker

4. [+1062, -51] I just want to sleep 2 more hours.

5. [+831, -15] Isn’t the fact that he’s asking for help? He seems really mentally unstable. I hope that his family and company take good care of him. I don’t think that it will be over just because he says he’s fine. I feel like something big will happen.

6. [+782, -77] Don’t swear. This is a sick man. Can’t you see he’s sick? I don’t really watch TV. I don’t know who Nam Taehyun is, Nam Taehyun-sshi, put aside the broadcast for a while. Get some rest. You look very tired.

7. [+581, -10] He needs a break… get some therapy, get medicated, spend time with people who truly love you. I’m not a fan of WINNER or Nam Taehyun, but I think what he needs most is treatment and stability.

8. [+447, -15] I’m not a fan of any idol group, but I hope he finds strength and lives on. I want him to believe that even if it looks unbearable, but time will pass and things will seem alright.

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