Nature fans???? Girl group Nature is creating buzz with their official Instagram post

“Nature can’t flop like this”

It’s really their official account

original post: theqoo

1. ????

2. ??????? Why don’t you first promote them in the right way?.. I haven’t really heard about their news for a while..

3. Looks like they did it on purpose, but this wasn’t good even 10 years ago…

4. ‘Dream About U’ is one of their songs < I like this song.. Please give me more songs like this ㅠ

5. This is marketing noise?

6. Why do I get goosebumps looking at this?

7. Nature has a lot of good songs, please listen to their songs ㅜㅜ

8. Isn’t this group disbanded????

9. What.. Isn’t it the concept of the comeback song?

10. I’m embarrassed for them