Articles about I.O.I appear a strange way after YG’s scandals

Naver and YG used I.O.I's reunion news to cover up YG's scandal?

A scandal occurred with YG -> Naver cover up YG’s news -> Suddenly, an article about I.O.I reunion appeared (Jeon Somi not attend) -> I.O.I climb the search trends -> YG goes down the search trends -> Unreal reunion + PR for Somi’s solo debut

2/26 Seungri is suspected, YG denies, I.O. reunited -> I.O.I’s reunion climbed to rank 1 search trend

4/29 former member Somi solo, 4/30 Seungri gate, YG was investigated, I.O.I reunited -> I.O.I climbed the search trend again

6/12 B.I’s drug scandals, 6/13 Somi’s solo debut, I.O.I reunited -> Now YG goes down and I.O.I goes up the search trends

This algorithm is the 3rd time

I’m wondering what they will do next

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Time of I.O.I article reunited
First: Burning Sun Seungri
Second: Burning Sun is related to YG
Third: B.I’s drug scandals
Time of strange coincidence, there is always a line that Somi will debut solo.

2. Hull Naver did.

3. Three times will lead to suspicion …..

4. Disgusting

5. They did it twice before, at the time I thought it was a coincidence, but the third time was too obvious …

6. When YG’s scandal was sought by many people, Naver created an algorithm for automatically updating I.O.I’s news. Is that suspicious?

7. No, but Somi is innocent. What is Somi’s sin?

8. Three times in a short period of time.

9. Unbelievable.

10. Somi is not guilty, but the benefit is Somi and the damage is I.O.I.

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