Big Hit acquires Naver’s VLive business (★ Naver invested in Weverse and received half of the shares, and transferred VLive to Big Hit!!! ★)

According to reports on January 27, Naver’s V Live and Big Hit Entertainment’s Weverse are set to join hands to create a brand new platform. Naver announced its plans to invest 410 billion Won ($370,846,353 USD) into Big Hit Entertainment subsidiary beNX, which is behind the fan community platform Weverse. Naver’s V Live will be transferred to beNX, which will now be known as Weverse Company Inc.

Naver further revealed K-pop fans can expect a brand new global fan community platform that will utilize features from both V Live and Weverse. The integration of the 2 major fan platforms is expected to take a year, and before then, both will operate as usual as separate platforms.

On top of the artists already featured on both platforms, Big Hit and Naver plan to add more global artists to create the top international fan community. cr

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1. Big Hit is already big… I can only say this…

2. Big Hit should be grateful to BTS, please treat BTS well, please spend a lot of money on BTS

3. If you look at the scale of what they do, I think BTS has made f*cking lots of money

4. I’m curious about what will happen to Big Hit in the futureㅋㅋㅋ It looks like they’re trying to expand the company as big as possible when BTS is doing well…

5. I don’t know what they’re trying to doㅋㅋ What they want to do… It doesn’t grow as naturally as any company, but it just keeps eating up..

6. BTS is amazing in many ways

7. Weverse + VLive = What kind of applications are coming?

8. Anyway, there are a lot of people who seem to have been eaten up by Big Hit

9. Well, it’s great that VLive and Weverse merge

10. Well, Big Hit, you’ve made f*cking lots of money. Big Hit’s business size is no joke

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