NCT 127 to appear on CBS ‘The Late Late Show’

NCT 127 to appear on CBS 'The Late Late Show' and netizens argue sharply

According to management company SM Entertainment, NCT 127 will appear in CBS ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden‘ on the 14th.

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1.[+63, -14] Is EXO now a card to throw away?

2. [+59, -20] Why are you angry? I’m Army. I’m here to celebrate. K-pop singers, if you’ve entered the U.S., I always felt lonely when BTS alone, but the pie got bigger and bigger. It’s better to memorize it! Flinch’s funny. Don’t worry about it. Hah!

3. [+59, -21] Why are you angry? Is there anything to be angry about in this article? I guess there’s a lot of people who can’t see how things work out.

4. [+41, -8] I’ll cheer for you!!

5. [+39, -19] What’s wrong with them going on an American talk show? It’s pathetic to see people who can’t see how good they are.

6. [+26, -10] Even in Korea, how do you get to the U.S., agency red?

7. [+24, -11] NCT 127 is ranked 86th on the Billboard 200, invited by Apple Music, and selected as up next. The number of foreign fans has increased. Why do you keep coming into other people’s articles and push your anger? Use your heart beautifully. Everyone~

8. [+12, -7] I live in the U.S. and I feel so happy because KPOP such as BTS.NCT127, BLACKPINK, MONSTAX and others are very popular. Songs, visuals are perfect! Let’s not slander other singers. Let’s support each other so that KPOP can reach the world.^^

9. [+7, -2] NCT 127…? Who are these kids? I’ve just read a social article and they’re Is it a Korean group? Why is it first time to see it?

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