NCT fandom in Instiz and Jjukbbang cafe released a statement requesting Taeyong’s withdrawal

1. Taeyong has never given feedback on the issues he was dealing with, so he shouldn’t be allowed to promote.

2. Fandom has lost trust in Taeyong regarding school violence and how he handled the situation so badly

3. By allowing him to continue promotions would be like killing the victim and the informant twice

4. He interrupts NCT’s image and growth, and contributes to their fame decline

Fans have approved and signed this statement

“Taeyong withdrawal urgent trending hashtags”
#Lee Taeyong apologize and quit
#School violence assailant Taeyong withdraw

original post: theqoo

1. I support NCT fans except Taeyong’s fans

2. To be honest, I don’t understand what Lee Soo Man is thinking. NCT would’ve done better if Taeyong left the group

3. Lee Taeyong really shameless

4. I don’t think he’ll leave the group because SM loves Taeyong so much….ㅠ

5. I know NCT’s songs are good but I don’t listen to their songs because of Taeyong… Taeyong-ah, just leave the group

6. I seriously hate Twitter stans. They’re always reporting every tweet calling out male idolsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That’s disgusting

7. Is he the center? Does he dance or sing well? I don’t understand what Lee Soo Man is thinking, is there any reason for them to insist on keeping him like that?

8. The other members and the fans must be so annoyed at this point, he ruined NCT’s image so much

9. Chen stays in EXO, I don’t think Taeyong will leave NCT

10. NCT still has normal fans like this… Taeyong-ah, please leave

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