NCT fans requesting a feedback from SM regarding Chinese Communist Party

They’re holding quite a large-scale tribute on Twitter, real-life banners, coffee trucks, Instagram ads, and more

original post: theqoo

1. The fans are cool… SM, please give them feedback..

2. I don’t think SM will give a feedback… However, that’s amazing

3. Well, the fans did so well, but the company is still trying to cover it up

4. Daebak, I hope they get a feedback

5. No matter what they do, the company will ignore them and keep dreaming about China, SM is a company crazy about China

6. The fans are amazing ㅠㅠ I support them

7. There’s no way SM didn’t know it, and it’s not like SM didn’t see it;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; They seem to be ignoring the fans

8. As an NCTzen, I’m supporting them!!!!!!

9. Seriously, Chinese idols should stop using Weibo for political purposes. At least if they’re promoting in Korea

10. I think it’s time for SM to kick the Chinese members out

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