(Real time) Fans rushed to the stage after shoving the security guards

If you look at the lightstick, they look like NCT fans
SBS Super Concert

original post: theqoo

1. I seriously don’t want to swear, but they are really rude and stupid

2. Well, that fandom again

3. Please don’t go to the same concert, I hate that fandom

4. NCT’s fandoms are the rudest

5. They look like mental patients who are escaping from a mental hospital

6. Wow why did they do that…? They look like zombies, not humans

7. NCT fans are thugs

8. I feel sorry for NCT because those ba$tards are called fans. I’m NCT’s fan, but that’s why I can’t say I like NCT

9. Don’t let NCT perform at K-Pop concerts anymore, I hate it

10. It’s a big deal.. I’m not even a fan of NCT, but as an idol fan, I feel embarrassed

11. It’s the ugliest and rudest fandom of all time

12. NCT should just hold their own concert… NCT fans causing damage to other fans is too much