NCT Haechan who drank with a girl and fell

“4 life pictures”

The photos show Haechan allegedly stumbling and drunk after getting out of a taxi while fellow member Doyoung tries to help

original post: pann

1. [+409, -413] The way Lee Donghyuk got drunk and fell while getting off the taxi actually looks like some ajussi, what a turn off

2. [+377, -215] F*ck, seeing the way he fell like that, just how much did he drink

3. [+329, -289] Haechan is always in controversies..

4. [+265, -32] Don’t feed the troll pann is a bunch of trolls

5. [+200, -16] This f*cker doesn’t know anything, no matter what bullsh*t you say, we won’t buy into it~~~~

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