NCT Lucas’ suggestive shirt controversy

NCT Lucas' suggestive shirt controversy

This shirt is too suggestive vs this is fashion

original post: theqoo

1. He doesn’t think of teenage fans who like him..? Why was he wearing that shirt?

2. I don’t care if he wears it at home.. Even adults are uncomfortable, but I don’t want kids to see it that way

3. If my bias or my boyfriend bought and wore that shirt, I would really be offended..

4. What the hell is he wearing?;; He’s a celebrity, he certainly knows he has a lot of young fans.. Disgusting

5. Whether or not this is an artist’s work, it looks ugly and disgusting to me

6. Oh, I just hate him, why do you guys spend money on idols like that?

7. I’m impressed that he’s even able to walk around with this

8. People are free to dress up, so even if they wear clothes like that, I can’t say anything, but if they’re celebrities, I want them to dress a little more carefully

9. This is weird…

10. Wow makes me wonder what he was thinking

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