NCT Taeyong insults homosexuals

NCT Taeyong insults homosexuals
NCT Taeyong insults homosexuals

“I had fun times with everyone and everyone had a good personality. I believe you’ll all succeed but (name) won’t because he’s gay. I guarantee it.” – Lee Taeyong

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1. [+305, -25] “Everybody will succeed but you never will because you’re gay”? Is he crazy???? SuperM is to advance into the US and I’m sure the US is sensitive about things like this, his personality ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

2. [+239, -8] Even the victim of body shaming by Taeyong wants an apology but SM is currently ignoring her.

3. [+204, -12] He s*xually harassed 2NE1, too. Someone said they liked 2NE1’s video and Taeyong replied and said they must like p*rn.

4. [+122, -0] Why are fans trying to claim that he apologizedㅋㅋ Of course he should apologize. Even if he’s forgiven, his faults still doesn’t disappear. Taeyong said he’s in pain from the guilt but he actually didn’t apologize to his victims? You guys hate that when we say NCT won’t succeed because of Taeyong, but you should be behaving better. This is just saying the same thing as he did

5. [+115, -1] He wrote this on a graduation album in front of everyone. The person who publicized this is a s*xual minority. Even though the victim isn’t gay, Taeyong is still punishable for defamation of character. Taeyong is a criminal.

6. [+111, -0] “You’ll never succeed because you’re gay”ㅋㅋㅋ He’s totally insane.

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