NCT’s new member who seems to be so handsome

I think that he’ll be a power visual

His name is Jung Sungchan (He’s Korean)
Height: 184cm
Age: 2001, 20 years old
Position: rapper

original post: theqoo

1. He looks like Kim Jaejoong + Taeyong

2. He’s handsome. By the way, I want SM to start the next group. In NCT, the age difference is growing and it’s not easy for new members to join the existing fandom

3. He’s handsome and he’s tall

4. I’m not the only one thinking of Kim Jaejoong… But why do they keep adding new members? Will the album be released again?

5. I can see Lai Guanlin from him

6. I thought he was not Korean, but I was surprised that he was Korean

7. I guess this is Lee Soo Man’s next favorite face

8. He’s so handsome… Where did SM find this face?

9. BTS V + Jin??

10. Sungchan-ah, can I call you oppa?

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