Meet the victim … NCT Taeyong, the truth of past controversies

NCT's Taeyong admits to bullying, personally apologizes to his middle school classmate

NCT’s Taeyong was previously accused of having bad behavior during middle school, such as being homophobic towards a classmate and bullying a classmate.

It has been confirmed by Wikitree that Taeyong did indeed write the comment that was said to be homophobic, but the comment was not made with malicious intent, as the person the comment was directed to was a friend of his.

Taeyong was close with the person that he wrote that to, so there were no bad feelings at all from it. – Wikitree

The victim of bullying by Taeyong and his friends came out to say that all they wanted was an apology from him.

I’ve lived in pain for years after the incident. I just wanted to ask you why you did it, and to receive a sincere apology. – Victim

When the victim tried to make Taeyong’s past action public knowledge, the victim instead was accused of spreading false information and rumors, causing the victim to suffer more and live in fear.

It was a wound that I couldn’t wash away. My feelings were being represented by someone else. I was reduced to being someone who was spreading rumors. – Victim

The victim sent SM Entertainment an email saying that they would like an apology in person, but there was no reply from SM.

However, after Taeyong returned from the United States on October 11, he decided to meet with one of the victims. Here, Taeyong admitted to his actions, and apologized to the victim directly.

The two people faced each other for the first time in 10 years. The victim shed tears, while they sat in silence for nearly one hour. After calming down, the victim faced Taeyong again. Taeyong was the first person to say something, bowing his head in apology. He admitted to his past wrongdoings, and sincerely apologized.

It has been a long time since I saw this friend, and I am upset that I am meeting them over something like this. Honestly, I have never once felt at ease because of this. Every day, dozens of times, I think ‘why was I like that’ and feel regret. – Taeyong

The victim listened to Taeyong’s every word, and felt sincerity from his apology. Eventually, after more than 2 hours of talking with each other, the victim decided to forgive Taeyong.

At that time, I was very poor with how I expressed myself. I would like to sincerely apologize for my thoughtless remarks and actions when I was younger. I’m very sorry. – Taeyong


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1. Not rumors, all true ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m curious about what the members think of him

2. If you really want to apologize, go it alone. Why did you go along with the reporter?ㅋㅋㅋ

3. Wow .. The victim is a real bodhisattva.

4. Everything from his presence to the time and the way of apologizing made his fans and his group worse.

5. He should do it before his debut. How many years has it been since his debut? Would he not apologize if the truth was not made public? And if he sincerely apologizes to the victim, he should meet the victim privately, not with the reporter. Before debuting, after debuting, did he feel sorry for that victim? He really is trash

6. With the reporter? Is he crazy? He’s beating the victim a second time.

7. Why doesn’t SM know this?; SM shouldn’t let him debut

8. I don’t want to see him on TV. As a person with similar circumstances to the victim, It’s annoying to hear anything about him in the media.

9. I’m not a fan, but I don’t understand why the fans keep shielding him? He’s too filthy to be an idol

10. What is wrong with other NCT members? I think NCT would be better without Taeyong .. I felt sorry for the victim who cried for an hour and forgave him in the presence of reporters and company staffs.

11. Taeyong should retire and reflect on his actions for the rest of his life

12. If you really want to apologize and be forgiven, go without the reporter and sincerely apologize to the victim, and the victim will post it.

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