NCTZens.. What do you want to be if you could be born again?

I want to be born as Jaehyun’s dimple..

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1.Doyoung’s front teeth..

2. The mole under Jeno’s eyes..

3. I want to be born as Jaehyun..

4. Haechan’s eyes..

5. The mole on Jaehyun’s cheek..

6. Jaemin’s eyelashes..

7. Chenle’s voice..

8. Doyoung’s Indian Dimples..

9. Haechan’s youngest sibling..

10. Lee Sooman..

11. NCT’s mics..

12. NCTZen..

13. Jeno’s cat..

14. The boys’ relatives..?

15. Kim Jungwoo’s nose..

16. Mark’s watermelon..

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