‘A’ who spread April Naeun’s bullying rumors posted a handwritten apology “It’s all a lie, I’m apologize to Naeun and her fans”

On July 24, the netizen in question posted a handwritten apology on an online community, writing, “Everything about April Naeun’s elementary school bullying is a lie, and it has nothing to do with her. I sincerely apologize to fans as well as April’s Naeun for causing such damage by writing these rumors.”

As previously reported, DSP Media denied rumors Naeun was the perpetrator of bullying during her elementary school days, and another classmate of hers stated the bullying rumors were groundless. The label also confirmed Naeun would still be joining April for their comeback. Meanwhile, the alleged bullying victim claimed DSP Media had threatened them with legal action. cr

original post: theqoo

1. Why do you live like that?

2. I don’t get why you suddenly lied and spread Naeun’s bullying rumors… You want to ruin her career, right?

3. No, why did you spread the rumors?ㅋㅋㅋ

4. Don’t forgive, just sue her/him

5. But I don’t understand what she/he did and what she/he thought in her mind.. I really don’t understand..

6. Are you crazy? You should be sued for your stupid actions

7. Don’t touch Naeun

8. This is too scary.. Why are you trying to ruin someone’s life?

9. I hope DSP Media sues her/him to the end

10. You are so pathetic…

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