Why is BTS classified as J-POP on Melon?

Recently, Melon, South Korea’s largest music streaming platform, has been under fire for labeling K-Pop groups under “J-Pop.” Currently, Melon displays the genre ‘J-Pop’ under K-Pop artists such as BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, and Seventeen.

According to the online platform on November 29th, any K-Pop artist who has a history of activities or promotions in Japan will be labeled under J-Pop on Melon music despite the group or artist being K-pop singers.

The profile for the globally popular K-Pop group BTS shows the genres listed as “Group| Rap/Hip-Hop, J-POP, Dance” displayed on the first page of the “artist” menu. This goes for BLACKPINK, TWICE, Seventeen, TXT, and more. The K-Pop groups are listed under J-POP only on Melon music. Genie Music, Bugs Music, FLO, and Vibe do not have these artists listed under this genre. Google’s YouTube also does not classify these artists under J-Pop either.

Melon explained that the label does not distinguish the genres but is being used to mark which artists have been active in Japan and sold albums in Japan. They explained, “The labels are not a distinction between genres but to mark the artists who have released albums in Japan. The artists’ detailed information marks they are from Korea.” cr

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1. Is Melon crazy?

2. This is misleading, why didn’t Melon edit it?

3. I understand Melon’s reasons, but this can be misleading

4. What the hell is Melon doing?

5. I think Melon is right. I hate Japanese songs but are considered K-POP genre..

6. No, am I an American when I come to the US to study?

7. It’s funny that the active genre is J-pop…..

8. Even if they release a Japanese album, they are still K-pop singers… Then SuperM will be a pop group

9. They should include it in the description of the album. Why do they include it in the singer’s profile? Are they crazy?

10. Is Melon stupid?

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