BTS ‘Dynamite’ Line Distribution

Jungkook 73.5 seconds
Jimin 40.3 seconds
V 30.2 seconds
Jin 26.8 seconds
RM 22.8 seconds
Suga 9.3 seconds
J-Hope 8.6 seconds

original post: theqoo

1. This is Jungkook’s solo song? Why does he have so many parts?

2. If the difference is 10 times, the difference seems a lot

3. I think the BTS members don’t care about this, they always try to make the best song. Why are fans complaining about this?

4. I don’t blame Jungkook, but it’s disgusting to see Big Hit clearly just pushing Jungkook

5. No matter what, all 7 BTS members are still good friends..

6. I feel bad for Suga, J-Hope and their fans

7. Honestly, the group name is ‘Jungkook and Hyungnim’

8. Dynamite is a good song, stop talking about things like this and just support BTS

9. Damn, damn, damn, what the hell is 8 seconds?

10. But is this video correct? What the hell are you guys doing?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You guys are pathetic

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