Karina’s opening stage at MAMA

original post: theqoo

1. She reminds me of Irene.. She can’t dance

2. She doesn’t dance well… I think there is no member who can dance well in Aespa

3. She danced in her debut teaser too, is she the main dancer? Personally, I think Winter dances better than her

4. I think the choreography is not good

5. She’s pretty but she can’t dance

6. She dances best in Aespa, but if she dances solo, she looks like Irene..

7 .I like Karina, but I never thought she danced well

8. 30 seconds is so short~ Are you talking about her dancing skills with this short stage?

9. Her dancing skills are just average. Seriously, why does SM keep pushing her as a good dancer?

10. She only has a pretty face, she can’t dance