Aespa’s new song ‘Forever’ teaser photos

original post: theqoo

1. In my opinion, this concept has the vibe of the ’90s

2. I would believe it even if you say they are a Chinese idol group..

3. What is SM doing?.. The quality of teasers is even worse than small and medium agencies;;

4. The photos look classic… But Karina is so pretty

5. The photos are too blurry and the outfits are bad… This is a concept SM can do when they are not plagiarizing?

6. Please change the coordi…

7. Is the concept of AI over?

8. Is the coordi an anti? Are you kidding me?

9. Why are you doing this to pretty kids?… Throw away the blurred filter, SM

10. Wow….. I’m surprised because it’s so bad

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