Introduction phrase of rookie boy group produced by Rain…

“Save Us! Hello, we are Ciipher! Please save our lives just once~”

It’s a rookie boy group called ‘Ciipher’

original post: theqoo

1. Idols are the pride of the fans, in the eyes of fans, their favorite idols are always the best! But why does he force the kids to beg?

2. Don’t make those young kids say such embarrassing things…

3. Please protect the dignity of the members

4. That introduction phrase makes them look pitiful

5. Oh… I forgot just how bad Rain is at producing other artists…

6. What….. Why are they begging;;;

7. I really hate it… Please change

8. That’s something a comedy group like Celeb Five would say

9. Rain producing an idol group? Bad idea

10. It sounds too stupid and out of date

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