“Don’t look with tinted glasses, I’m kind of a different girl” STAYC’s comeback title track ‘Stereotype’

original post: theqoo

1. I’m tired of the lyrics.. Why are they giving lyrics like this to the kids

2. I love their previous song so much, I’m looking forward to this song too

3. I don’t think the lyrics are the problem, the melody is the problem

4. The lyrics are like a teenage girl’s feelings written by a Ahjussi..

5. Instead of bad lyrics, I think it doesn’t suit the ages of the STAYC members

6. I don’t really like the lyrics, but the vocals sound good

7. Why are the lyrics so bad? Crazy, they’re wasting STAYC members’ talents

8. BLACKPINK’s songs all have lyrics like that;; I like the melody, I hope the song will be good

9. The melody is good and the vocals are good, but the lyrics are bad

10. It’s like K-pop idol lyrics 10 years ago

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