“BTS also has to make a reservation” Big Hit’s new building, 3 floors dedicated to practice rooms, BTS Museum

This building has 19 floors above ground and seven floors below ground, which is more than enough space to house all the other labels that will now be a part of HYBE.

Another thing to note is that it will have a total of three floors dedicated to practice rooms that can be used through a reservation system. BTS, who are a part of Big Hit, are no exception to this policy.

Since there are many artists under affiliated labels, they will be using this system in order to use the practice rooms in a fair manner. Affiliated labels will have to pay a fee to use the practice rooms as well. Because they are officially a separate corporation, it is a natural route to take in terms of corporate accounting.

Two of the seven floors underground will be dedicated to building a museum for BTS. This museum will cover the history of BTS since their debut in 2013. Records related to BTS and the members, including trophies and awards, will be exhibited in the museum. This ‘BTS Museum’ is expected to become another hot spot for fans around the world. This museum is planning to be opened to the public with a fee. cr

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1. BTS took a big part in helping the agency move to that building. They should give them their own floor!

2. They were able to give BTS their own practice rooms, but what is this?

3. You can’t give BTS their own practice rooms? BTS took a big part in helping the agency move to that building..

4. My office also uses the reservation system for our meeting rooms and it seems like an efficient way to run things

5. There are no floors for BTS, but there are two floors dedicated to building a pay museum for BTS where they make money from BTS fans

6. BTS won’t use the practice room for 365 days, what would you do if it was empty?

7. I thought for sure they would have given BTS a floor for themselves!

8. Doesn’t BTS deserve special treatment? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Don’t the boys deserve a whole floor to themselves!?

10. Big Hit is weird… Please treat BTS properly

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