Yeri’s Instagram story update

“Joohyun unnie, happy birthday. Let’s laugh more often. I love you. Enjoy your special day!”

original post: pann

1. [+397, -185] She can’t even say happy birthday to a close older sister of hers? Why are people taking issue with everything to do with Irene? Controversy aside, it’s weird that Yeri would completely ignore Irene’s birthday after actively promoting for years together

2. [+396, -156] Happy power trip day

3. [+208, -219] Yeri’s loyalty is awesome, she probably knew she would get backlash, so I think she also posted the message to comfort her fans

4. [+197, -13] For Yeri, Irene is an unnie who has been feeding her and sending her to school since she was a child. Of course she’s able to wish Irene happy birthday. If she didn’t, people will criticize her, everyone’s double standards are solid

5. [+171, -156] Birds of a feather is science

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