Aespa’s pictures on 2021 AAA red carpet

original post: theqoo

1. They’re all pretty, but what’s wrong with the outfits?

2. They look like secret agents

3. NingNing is gorgeous and Giselle’s visuals are my taste

4. Why is Karina dressed like that?

5. The members are all pretty but Karina’s outfit looks weird…

6. I think Givenchy is not suitable for Aespa, please.. When will the contract end?

7. They’re all pretty but their outfits are weird ㅠㅠ

8. NingNing looks like an actress

9. How do Winter and Giselle look alike here ㅋㅋ Their outfits are always bad

10. NingNing’s eyes are really big, she looks like an actress

11. Please change their outfits. The Aespa members are pretty, but their outfits are weird…