BLACKPINK Lisa’s first week solo album sales

original post: theqoo

1. Crazy… Isn’t it almost like a top male idol?

2. Wow daebak

3. Over 700,000 copies? Seriously, she’s like a top male idol, I can’t believe she did it alone..

4. But why isn’t her song ranking high? (I searched on Melon and she ranked 100th)

5. She sold over 700,000 copies… It’s weird that she can’t maintain her ranking in the Top 100 on Melon

6. If a female idol sells over 700,000 copies in the first week, she’s just a queen

7. Seriously, Lisa has a lot of fans

8. I listened to her song once and I don’t listen to it anymore, it’s worse than I thought

9. I’m not a BLACKPINK fan, I haven’t listened to Lisa’s song but she sold over 700,000 copies.. She is amazing..

10. I wish they could reveal album sales in domestic and overseas markets… These days, Stray Kids and ATEEZ have sold over 600,000 copies, but they are not popular in Korea