BLACKPINK Rosé and Jennie’s Instagram story (feat.Snowdrop)

“Our unnie is so pretty, hope ‘Snowdrop’ does well”

“Our Young Ro, I’m excited excited excited”

original post: theqoo

1. They’re in the same group, of course they should support Jisoo’s first drama, but I think they should just do it in their own group chat room

2. Didn’t the other members know about the controversy?

3. Fans are shielding BLACKPINK, they are really shameless…

4. They’re just cheering for the member of the same group, Jisoo and BLACKPINK fighting!

5. I like Rosé, but seeing this makes me uncomfortable

6. Watching BLACKPINK’s documentary and listening to their songs is a waste of time

7. BLACKPINK pretends to be different but they’re just proving the fact that they’re from the drugstore

8. I guess they’re indifferent to Korea’s history because they’ve lived abroad before

9. BLACKPINK has a huge fandom overseas, so they don’t seem to care about domestic public opinion

10. Agency, singers, and their fans don’t really care about domestic public opinion