BTS Jungkook’s piercing collection

Ear piercing

Eyebrow piercing

Lip piercing yesterday

original post: theqoo

1. Jungkook is obsessed with piercings these days, he can do whatever he wants anyway

2. Wow, what the hell is he doing on his body..????

3. Looks like BTS controversies are all about Jungkook. Personally, I don’t like his eyebrow piercing and lip piercing

4. Personally, I don’t like lip piercing, but people should do what they want to do. Jungkook is doing everything he wants to do and living happily

5. Somehow, I don’t think those piercings suit him, it’s because his face looks so round

6. You have a pretty face, please don’t do it on your faceā€¦.

7. They look so messy, it’s like a grain of rice under his lips

8. I think he’s addicted to tattoos and piercings.. I hope he stops getting tattoos and piercings now

9. Even with piercings, he looks innocent

10. Idols are people too, so please respect their individuality. Of course you may not like it, but that’s no reason for you to write malicious comments or curse at him