[Met Gala 2021] CL’s photos and videos

original post: theqoo

1. Her outfit looks like a Hanbok, she’s pretty and cool

2. I’m not sure about the Japanese style, but her outfit doesn’t look like a Hanbok…

3. She digested that outfit perfectly, her expression is really cool

4. She looks like a Hollywood superstar

5. I thought Fan Bingbing was Korean and CL was Japanese

6. It reminds me of Japan because of her hairstyle. I understand the intention but I think the stylist lacks understanding of Korean traditions

7. Well, not only Rosé, but CL also attended the Met Gala

8. CL’s style is so cool

9. Ahh, I was looking forward to CL’s outfit, but I was a bit disappointedㅠㅠ Her outfit makes me feel embarrassed

10. Because of her hair, she looks like a Japanese