[Teaser] IVE – ELEVEN

They will debut with single album ‘ELEVEN’ on December 1

original post: theqoo

1. Hmm… It’s a bit bad, but I think we’ll have to listen to the full version

2. I think this group will do so well. They are always a hot topicㅋㅋ I’m looking forward to their song

3. No, they can’t sing even in this short teaser… I trust Starship idols’ vocals but the teaser is a bit disappointing

4. Well… I’m surprised that it’s worse than I thought…

5. I was looking forward to it because the members get along so well, but this video is disappointing ㅠ

6. I think it’s fine. I’m looking forward to the song and the full version of the MV

7. MV and melody reminds me of BLACKPINK

8. This concept doesn’t seem to suit the kids… I was hoping they had an innocent and pure concept

9. Aren’t there too many female idols with this concept now?

10. It’s not bad, but the concept is a bit disappointing