Visual line of 4th generation girl groups

Aespa Karina

ITZY Ryujin


original post: theqoo

1. Ryujin is pretty too, but if I had to pick a visual member from ITZY, wouldn’t it be Yuna??

2. My picks are Winter, Yuna, and Yoon

3. I think they’re all pretty, but when it comes to visual members of ITZY, I think of Yuna

4. ITZY and STAYC have a lot of pretty members so it’s hard to pick one visual member

5. For me it’s Karina, Yuna, and Yoon

6. Aespa – Winter, ITZY – Yuna, for STAYC, I think of Jㅋㅋ Also, Weeekly Zoa is so pretty too

7. Honestly, I agree with STAYC members and ITZY’s Yuna Ryujin, but I really don’t know if Aespa members should be included in the visual line… If they weren’t SM girl group, they wouldn’t have been mentioned with their visuals

8. I don’t know but the last girl looks the prettiest

9. There are a lot of pretty female idols, I seriously can’t say who is the visual

10. For me it’s Karina, Yuna, and J