BLACKPINK for Vogue Korea June issue, 5 versions

original post: theqoo

1. Wow, I admire them… How can BLACKPINK be so pretty?

2. Rosé is like a professional model, her pose is amazing

3. Jisoo is f*cking pretty, she’s a goddess

4. I think I know why they are so popular in the fashion world. The four of them are so pretty and classy

5. Rosé and Lisa are like professional models…

6. Lisa always seems to do well.. Jennie looks so pretty and stylish

7. The four of them are somehow… the best combination

8. Rosé is really good at using her body.. BLACKPINK is the best

9. Wow BLACKPINK’s aura is crazy

10. Rosé knows how to use her body.. Jisoo is a big hit

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