YG definitely provides awesome welfare..

WINNER and iKON all have their own rooms. Even BLACKPINK, they had a room each since their debut. Their dorms are also f*cking huge. You might think it’s because they have few members but even Treasure has 2 dorms and the members all have their own rooms even though they have many members. They even share their car..

They are also the most talented ones out of BIG 3. Their hair, makeup, and coordi are all the best. YG provides very good welfare. Their profit distribution is also good

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1. [+217, -8] Treasure has 3 dorms, 4 members per dorm. All the members have their own rooms. They live in an apartment building next to the Han River

2. [+213, -6] The fact that WINNER has 2 rooms per member says it allㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m satisfied with YG distributing profits to the kids well

3. [+137, -1] But no matter how much criminal image YG has, their MVs and songs are of high quality… Especially AKMU Suhyun’s MV, you can see it by looking at the quality of her MV. That’s because YG did it. In addition, BLACKPINK’s coordi always does so well. The members are all pretty but their outfits are too pretty. Other female idols must be jealous of BLACKPINK when they see their outfits on stage

4. [+64, -0] YG treats their artists well after their debut…

5. [+62, -3] It’s good that YG doesn’t care about broadcast stations. So that’s why they never sent their idols on ISAC

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