I Choked Up When I See This Twice’s GIF

Netizens choked up when they see this TWICE's GIF

Rather than just liking stage and music, I thought that since they’re from big company they received lots of attention from before debut and hit big right away but they started from small stages like that to dome tour, they gradually growㅠTwice is cool!!

I don’t know about the gif, just saw this pic by chance. They said it’s Twice’s first concert, starting from small venue with about 3 or 4 thousand people and increased to 8 thousand to 10 thousand. And now that they do dome tour. I admire and proud of them..

Netizens choked up when they see this TWICE's GIF

Warning, I’m not a Once so there might be wrong info

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1.[+61, -7] At the beginning Twice didn’t receive much attention. And they also ranked low. From their debut the girls work hard on piling up fans by constantly communicating with them. They personally went to a few universities and do performances in the lecture rooms. In the end LOA climb up the chart and when they first enter the top 10 they screamed at the dorm happily saying that they are singer ranked 9th. That’s Twiceㅜㅜ

2. [+44, -2] At the beginning of their debut they went through a lot of hardship. It’s to the point where they cried at the first CU’s stage’s backstage before going up to the stage for ending. I’m just one fan but Twice become successful as much as they suffer so I’m proud!

3. [+35, -2] They grow well!

4. [+28, -0] Hey the first gif is because they were called to the school because one of the student is Twice’s fan…not because they aren’t famous…

5. [+17, -2] It’s the result of Twice’s hard work. Twice, you did a good job

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