Encore live of the group who won on Music Bank today


original post: theqoo

1. I think they should practice singing more

2. By my standards, I don’t think there are any members who can sing well.. But doesn’t this group have the main vocalist? Why aren’t there any members who have stable vocals?

3. This is my first time seeing an idol group that can’t sing like this even though they don’t have high notes..

4. They look like high school students singing karaoke

5. When I watched it, I was disappointed

6. But please stop writing malicious comments..ㅠㅠ They can’t sing well now, so please practice singing and do better next time

7. Nothing has changed since their debut. They need to practice a lot and improve their skills

8. Well, are they from the audition program? They really can’t sing

9. I watched the video and looks like elementary school boys are singing

10. If you can’t sing live, don’t call yourself a singer, call yourself a performer