(G)I-DLE teaser thumbnail without editing Seo Soojin out

I feel sorry for Soyeon’s talent, but they give me no choice but to cut ties with them

Who cares if they shot this last year, they could’ve easily cropped her out from the thumbnail. We can clearly see Cube’s intentions

original post: theqoo

1. Disgusting

2. Soojin-ah, please leave the group.. I don’t want Soyeon’s talent to be used wastefully

3. I don’t think Soojin will leave the group, good-bye

4. This means they will abandon their fandom in Korea and focus only on their fandom overseas..?

5. Boycott (G)I-DLE

6. Soyeon-ah, I really like your songs, but if Soojin doesn’t leave the group, I have no choice but to stop listening to (G)I-DLE’s songs…..ㅠㅠ…..

7. Good-bye.. I like Soyeon and Miyeon, but the agency is stupid;

8. Do they trust foreign fans?

9. Soyeon-ah, please do a solo debut ㅠ

10. Let’s boycott (G) I-DLE until Seo Soojin withdraw~

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