Teaming up with Japan to form a girl group… JYP Park Jin Young got success

original post: naver

1. [+5565, -295] Creating a global group by producing a Japanese girl group that has nothing to do with K-pop… You’re just giving our inside secrets

2. [+4609, -147] Why would they be considered Korean-pop if the members are all Japanese and they sing in Japanese. They also promote only in Japan so why is it K-pop? I feel Park Jin Young and Lee Soo Man are ruining the definition of K-pop. Why are these groups helping Korea’s Hallyu and related businesses… Isn’t Park Jin Young’s company the only beneficiary? What’s good for Korea? This is not K-pop

3. [+3435, -69] Japanese kids say this is J-pop.. not K-pop.. After all, they’re just leaking the idol development system.. Park’s weird way of making money.. Don’t exaggerate it too much

4. [+1441, -58] First, they are Japanese and Chinese~~~ Why?? We’re just losing our secrets~~ Look at BTS, they’re at the top of the world without foreigners!!!

5. [+236, -3] Money is good, but do it in moderation… How can a group consisting only of Japanese and Chinese kids who are not Korean be called K-pop?

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