Karina’s short hair suits her so well

I just wanted to see her in a short cut, so I tried editing her photo, but she turned out to be so pretty..

Her ‘cold beauty’ facial feature is so unreal, so she seems like she will look really good in a non-permed short cut hairstyle.

I wish she would cut her hair in the next comeback ㅜㅠ

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1. [+147, -11] I kind of wish Karina would maintain her long hair for a little longer… When she flings her hair back, it makes me want to scream

2. [+135, -11] You should only see her in short hair through edited photos… If she actually cuts her hair short, it’ll only be fresh and pretty in the beginning, and you’ll get tired of it soon

3. [+69, -27] I want to see her in short hair. She would look so pretty

4. [+48, -4] I think she should still have long hair..

5. [+45, -4] She would look pretty in whatever hairstyle she does, but I feel like longer hair gives her more presence on stage

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