[Exclusive] Son Naeun, who left Apink, to sign with YG Entertainment

On April 29, a representative of YG Entertainment responded to reports that A Pink member/actress Naeun is currently in talks to join the agency!

According to one YGE representative, “It’s true that we are positive considering signing an exclusive contract with Naeun.”

original post: theqoo

1. For us it’s a drugstore, but it’s a big company for people in the industry. YG is a good company for artists

2. I personally like her, so I will continue to support her

3. YG? After what she saw

4. Honestly, no matter which agency she goes to, I think it will be better than Play M…

5. Why? I love Son Naeun but I hate the drugstore so much

6. But wherever she goes, I think it will be better than Play M..? YG’s image is trash, but the actor lineup is good

7. I just thought of a lot of controversy in the dramas regarding the drugstore

8. Apink disbanded? I don’t know;;

9. Even if YG’s image is trash to the public, it seems to be a good place for celebrities…

10. There are a lot of actors and actresses in YG, and over 90% boycott is only for singers, I think she should focus on acting

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