The reason why it’s so funny that black hands + black nails are (G)I-DLE’s concept

(G)I-DLE also referenced the original.

I don’t think the aespa reference or copy this concept of (G)I-DLE

And if an idol does a certain concept first, is that concept owned by that idol? The other idols can’t use that concept now?

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1. None of the fans of (G)I-DLE say anything and they don’t care, so don’t touch (G)I-DLE

2. ((((G)I-DLE)))

3. (G)I-DLE fans don’t care, so please stop ~ ~ ~

4. I feel bad for (G)I-DLEㅋㅋㅋ They are still being cursed by SM stans even though they did nothing wrong

5. But the problem is I don’t feel the freshness of the debut concept. I’m not saying they copy or take inspiration from others, but aespa reminds me of K/DA and BLACKPINK

6. Please save (G)I-DLE

7. No, when did (G)I-DLE’s fandom talk about that? We don’t care if it’s plagiarism or not so please stopㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. What did (G)I-DLE’s fans say? Why is this controversial?

9. Seriously, I’m not a fan of (G)I-DLE, but I’m sorry for them

10. Aespa’s antis are trying to use (G)I-DLE to grab aespa’s hair, and they’re even cursing at (G)I-DLE

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