I know why Jisoo and Miyeon couldn’t debut together

It makes no sense to have these two faces in the same group…

The two of them are close….

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1. [+493, -218] Didn’t Miyeon get kicked out of YG for dating?

2. [+256, -22] I agree with the comments here, their image and visual overlap. The two of them are both visual members who have humorous personalitiesㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+221, -24] Both of them have similar images and visuals. If they debuted together, their images would overlap.

4. [+79, -13] Well, they almost debuted together for real… Miyeon was the only one who took pictures with the BLACKPINK members among all the other trainees in the past,,,, They almost debuted as 5 members.

5. [+68, -6] When I look at this picture, my heart warms up…

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