The reason why the reactions were so cool for Joy’s dating news

Crush doesn’t have fans who have pseudo-relationships with him

Of course both have likable images too
I think that’s the biggest reason
If she was caught with another male idol, the reactions would have been crazy

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1. [+617, -118] There’s that but Joy’s image is good too, right? She’s pretty, kind, and she’s so diligent with her work

2. [+504, -19] I think it’s because it’s been a while Joy debuted too

3. [+454, -7] It’s because she isn’t dating a male idol

4. [+127, -4] Fact: she has few male fans, the other one is not a handsome oppa

5. [+89, -1] I understand, but stop mentioning his name. What the hell are BTS and BTOB fans doing?

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