aespa teaser – SYNK, WINTER

aespa – SYNK, WINTER

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1. Winter is so pretty.. And I don’t like this video, but I think she makes good use of her expression and body

2. Her avatar is prettierㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. These rookie idols don’t have the SM vibe at all

4. I can see Yoon Mirae from her

5. Winter’s face is pretty but the video is bad ?? What’s going on with SM’s video quality?

6. Winter is pretty but the teaser is sloppy

7. I want to hear her voice

8. Seriously… It’s like the teaser from a small to medium agency that we don’t even know the agency’s name

9. No, the members are all pretty, but what’s wrong with the video quality… SM…?

10. Is she Japanese?? Why is she using the sword as a Samurai?

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